Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Year

Since moving back to the east coast, I have decided to spend time writing. Now, fiction doesn't pay the bills unless you can sell thousands of books each month, every month. To supplement that income stream (or trickle), I'm freelancing with some companies to do publicity and ad creation.

So far so good. This is something I enjoy and it does leave time to work on my next novel.

This is all new to me. After many years in corporate life, working as a freelancer takes some getting use to. First off, I need to stop nibbling all day. Secondly, I need to get into a work day routine, otherwise I spend all day e-mailing readers and friends and family.

And all this comes with my birthday fast approaching. Another year, but this one will be the one where I can get my next novel finished in a reasonable timeframe.

So, I'm off to work on the next Derek Mason Mystery.

But, I wonder: What would you do if you didn't have the 9-to-5 job?


Java said...

Congratulations on having huge hunks of time to write your books. I'm excited about reading Derek Mason again.

If I didn't have to work a job, I'd like to drive all over the place. I'd get a small trailer to hitch to my pick-up truck, and I'd wonder around the country meeting blog friends and seeing interesting (and not so interesting) things and being available for adventure.

Java said...

P.S. Welcome to Blogger! If you don't have any objection I'd like to put a link to your blog on my blogroll.

It's great to see you here!!

Brenda G said...

I've glad to see that a dear friend has freed himself of the 9-to-5 rat race. (And expect to enjoy the new books as they roll into production!!)

If I had free time, I'd garden more, spend more time with friends and my true love, volunteer more and have an organized house!

Love ya!!

Greg Lilly said...

Thanks, Sunshine. An organized house is nice, but would you really spend time on that??