Friday, January 11, 2013

Audio book of

Fingering the Family Jewels – a Derek Mason Mystery

My first novel Fingering the Family Jewels has landed on virtual bookshelves as an audio book! This is exciting to hear my own words read/acted by a professional actor. Andy Babinski does a fantastic job in the narration with Derek, Aunt Ruby, Daniel, Mark, Gladys and all the rest.
I’ll say it again: Andy Babinski is a jewel (in a great way).    He gives life to the words I wrote in a way that I couldn’t have imagined.  He’s got a great voice and style.
I feel lucky to have found ACX (who matches authors with narrators/producers) and Andy Babinski.

The cool thing found was that the chapters average about 16 – 19 minutes each. That’s perfect for a daily commute or exercising at the gym or walking at lunch.

Get your ears ready for an aural delight!
The audio book is available on, iTunes, and



Win an Autographed Copy of the Print Edition of Fingering the Family Jewels

Listen to the audio book and win an autographed copy of the printed book.  Write a review for the audio book.  That will enter you into the drawing. 

You can e-mail me at Greg Lilly to let me know you've posted a review at one of the sites selling the audio book.
I’ll draw a name from the “hat” of reviewers on February 15 and mail the winner an autographed copy (Collector’s edition) of Fingering the Family Jewels – A Derek Mason Mystery, Book 1.