Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Value of a Writer

The economy has had a chilling effect on businesses…and writers. At one time, a business valued its corporate identity and how its communications reflected the professionalism of the brand. But the economy seems to have cut corners in many company communications.

Yesterday, I received two e-mails from major magazines trying to drum up advertising dollars (I do some freelance marketing and receive e-mails from advertising reps). Here are examples of why writers (and basic writing skills) are important:

“Being one of the most poplar annual sections, readers use this piece throughout
the year to find information on popular activities, restaurants and attractions…”

Misspellings & misplaced modifiers

And another:

"Moving outdoors, PUBLICATION NAME also looks at works by ARTIST NAMES, to see how the art effects the landscape, and whether outdoor art tranlates to increased museum attendance…"

"70% of PUBLICATION NAME readers colect art."

Misspellings & confused word: effects vs. affects (Even Microsoft Word could find these.)

I’m not trying to be the grammar police, and I do make mistakes, but come on people, don’t cut out editors and writers and think your sales staff can navigate the English language.

Hire a writer. We’re cheap!