Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you hear me now? -- Audio book production

I’m in the process of reviewing the audio book recording of my first Derek Mason Mystery: FINGERING THE FAMILY JEWELS. It’s been a long time since I reread the book. I’m doing it now as I listen to the production, chapter by chapter.

Well, honestly, I guess I’m reading along with the narrator Andy Babinski (great voice). I check to make sure Andy gets the pronunciation right on some of the Charlotte, N.C. location names and to make sure I didn’t have some huge error in the book that gets put in the audio version. I know the paperback is a little different than the eBook – words here and there, nothing big – and the audio is too. Some things read differently than they sound when spoken out loud.

How do you get an audio book made?
  • First write and publish a book. Make sure you keep the audio rights.
  • Secondly, sell a lot of copies of the book.
  • Third, post the rights on That’s Audiobook Creation Exchange. There are some ties to Audible and to Amazon.

ACX matches up authors with voice talent to produce an audio book. I had a few of auditions from narrators for FTFJ, but they didn’t capture my idea of what Derek would sound like. 

Searching through the database of voice talent, I found samples of Andy’s work. His voice matched what I had always thought Derek sounded like. I sent Andy a sample of the book, and he took on the project.

I feel lucky to have found ACX and Andy Babinski.

The cool thing I’m discovering is that the chapters are averaging about 16 – 19 minutes each. Perfect for a daily commute or exercising at the gym.

The production will be finished and available on by mid-December – just in time for a Holiday download! Get your ears ready for an aural delight!

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