Thursday, August 6, 2009

Editing the next Derek Mason Mystery

I have started editing the next Derek Mason Mystery. It feel great to have the complete book printed out, in a notebook, and red pen in hand.

Now is the time I make sure all the clues work, that the murderer is fingered, that the innocent get away smelling... okay.

As I've said in past posts, Derek meets up with Topher and Myra from Devil's Bridge in this book. It's turned into a lot of fun for me, and hopefully, interesting for the readers.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed 'Fingering the family jewels' so I am really looking forward to the new book.
Can you tell us the title and when it will be published?

Greg Lilly said...

Thanks bodleian. I'm glad you enjoyed FINGERING THE FAMILY JEWELS.

The new book doesn't have a title yet. Sometimes the publisher will change it even if I give it one. Although, Regal Crest Enterprises who published FTFJ kept that title which was great since I knew I loved the title when it popped in my head.

Titles are hard for me. I'm brainstorming on it now and as I edit.

Hopefully, the book will be published in 2010. There is a full 12-month process to get a book to stores.

If you can think of some good titles, let me know. Derek stuimbles onto the murder of a real estate developer in a small resort town in Arizona. Today, I'm calling the book: Burning Red Rocks. (The town Sedona, Arizona is known for the Red Rocks in the area.)

Keith Pyeatt, author of paranormal thrillers said...

Dead Market in the Red Desert

Red Rock Realtor Rictus

Sedona Stiff

Okay, I officially hate titles too. (But I'll read it even if the cover is blank.)