Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Name the Character After Me!" contest

This is is your chance to have a character named after you in the next Derek Mason Mystery.

I have had people ask about character names (Walterene, Topher, Gil, etc.) and how I came up with them. Well, for the most part, I go through the telephone book looking for names that create an image for me of a character’s gender, age, heritage. I NEVER use someone’s real first and last name. If it turns out to be a person’s name, it was purely a coincidence (and a matter of odds).

Until now... I want to use your name as a character in the next Derek Mason Mystery.

This is a contest. So, you have to have something that qualifies you. Talent? Looks? Sex Appeal? Smarts? Nope, just be a reader.

Answer the question on the entry screen about my novel Devil’s Bridge, and one of the correct entires will have fame that only Paris Hilton could dream of. Your name will be immortalized in the next Derek Mason Mystery.


  • You agree to allow Greg Lilly to name a character after you in the next Derek Mason Mystery.

  • You understand that the nature and personality of the character will NOT be modeled after you, but from a character of the author’s imagination and will not imply that the character’s actions, personality, or likeness are your actions, personality, or likeness.

  • The name shall be drawn from all the correct entries on May 31, 2008 and the winner will be notified and confirmed.

  • Your name CANNOT be Pussy Galore, Anita Dick, Hedda Lettuce, or Harry Potter since those have been done too many times.

  • Click here to test your knowledge of Devil’s Bridge and enter now.

Thanks for entering and I look forward to seeing your name in the next Derek Mason Mystery.

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